Why Hire an Appellate Lawyer?

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Why Hire an Appellate Lawyer?

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Michelle S. Russo has served the New York plaintiff and defense bar as an appellate practitioner since 1988. The keys to her successful advocacy in this field include her:


• practical evaluation of the prospects of relief on appeal;

• keen ability to analyze and distill the issues;

• effective skills in researching and crafting well-reasoned, winning arguments;

• thorough knowledge of appellate intricacies; and

• high ethical standards.


Often the question is asked: Why hire an appellate attorney? The answer, as stated by retired U.S. Court of Appeals Chief Judge Ruggero J. Aldisert, author of Winning on Appeal, is that “[a]ppellate advocacy is specialized work. It draws upon talents and skills which are far different from those utilized in other facets of practicing law.” Thus, when a motion is unsuccessful, or a trial ends unfavorably, an appellate victory requires not only a fresh perspective, but also a particular approach. Whereas a trial attorney seeks to persuade juries by emphasizing the facts, an appellate attorney, recognizing the demands of a different audience, must persuasively and logically integrate those facts within the framework of the relevant law. Ms. Russo’s finely honed rhetorical skills will make the difference in your case by focusing the appellate court’s attention on the issues.

In addition to appeals, Ms. Russo also assists counsel in other phases of civil litigation, including motion practice and trial strategy.

For a complimentary consultation regarding a civil appellate matter (prosecuting or defending) or complex motion practice, please contact the Law Offices of Michelle S. Russo.